Our Commitment

Choosing VTraQ to deliver basic skills training courses means sharing our commitment & passion for the continued professional development of your people.

We aim to improve essential knowledge and practical skills, thereby enhancing your peoples’ contribution to the goals of your organisation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support the professional and personal development of people to improve safety and on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organisation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver a learner-centric training experience, which inspires people to get involved, take control of their own learning, & achieve higher rates of success.



Our people act with integrity; being courteous, trustworthy, & flexible in our approach.


Our people are valued as individuals. Our passion is to engage & interact.


Our people deliver basic skills training courses which are practical, informative, & enjoyable.


Find out how our people can train your people to improve workplace safety & productivity.

Vocational Training & Qualifications

In May 2021, an idea became reality; VTraQ | Vocational Training & Qualifications.

By utilising our professional expertise in the electrical, engineering & manufacturing sectors, we deliver basic electrical skills training courses.

We train people to carry out basic electrical tasks, such as; safe isolation of machinery, resetting motor overload trips, basic electrical maintenance, fault finding, & component replacement, ensuring safe working practices are followed at all times.

We are currently developing a range of hazardous area training modules that aim to support the development of qualified people working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Electrical Engineering

Our Director, Alan Pennock; has a passion for developing training course content which is informative, practical & enjoyable.

Alan is a qualified Maintenance Electrician, with over 40 years experience working in industry. His experience includes; installation, testing & commissioning of automated machinery; inspection, maintenance & fault finding of electrical control systems; inspection & maintenance of electrical systems in hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres).

Training & Assessment

In 2013, Alan qualified as an Approved CompEx Assessor, & was involved in assessing the competence of qualified electricians & instrument technicians, working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Alan then completed a recognised training qualification and moved onto training electrical engineering apprentices, delivering practical training at level 2 & 3. The standard of work produced by his apprentices was always completed to a ‘high’ standard.

Approved CompEx Assessor

An opportunity to return to CompEx in 2022.

In addition to delivering onsite basic electrical skills training courses for non-electrical people, Alan works as a part-time Approved CompEx Assessor, supporting a local Training Provider in Teesside.

Alan’s job role involves assessing the competence of qualified electricians & instrument technicians working in hazardous areas that may contain potentially explosive atmospheres.