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Our short-courses are ideal for any business that manufactures, installs, maintains, and uses electrical equipment in their workplace.We work with businesses across a range of sectors; engineering & manufacturing, equipment & product suppliers, facilities maintenance, office & call centres.We're always willing to discuss the training needs of your business.
Our primary objective is to develop the basic knowledge and practical skills of your people. Our Training Associates carry all the equipment they need to deliver our courses to your people in your own workplace. Onsite training has the advantage of reduced travelling costs for your people.
We offer a range of basic courses, covering health & safety training courses, basic electrical skills training courses, & hazardous area training courses.
At present, our courses are non-accredited. We provide to a range of learner-centric training courses that can be tailored to the needs of your business. All our courses are delivered by professional qualified instructors.
At VTraQ we focus on quality of training and we have found over many years that training smaller groups of people can improve retention of essential knowledge and practical skills.Our prices are based on a maximum of 6 candidates per course.
We offer an inclusive price for all our courses, based on the number of training days. Prices are based on a maximum of 6 candidates attending the training course. However, we have clients that prefer to train only essential staff within their business.
Our courses are aimed at developing basic knowledge and skills. No previous experience is needed to complete any of our courses.

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