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Blog entry by Admin @ VTraQ

May 2021 Update

May 2021 Update

We're nearly there! 

We have spent the past few months developing our new website., with the focus on ease of use. 

At VTraQ, we are passionate about developing training course content that is current and up-to-date. Our course delivery focuses on visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning. In reality; read, listen and do! 

Our high-quality vocational training courses, are aimed at candidates' of all levels. Start with an awareness course, proceed to basic training and then onto advanced training. 

Development of our course content is going well with a few courses ready for release and a number of others in the pipeline, that we hope to release over the next few months. 

Develop you knowledge and skills with VTraQ. Your first choice for high-quality cost-effective vocational training courses. 

Our next update will be coming soon! 

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