Vocational Training & Qualifications


Vocational Training & Qualifications


Vocational Training & Qualifications


Short Courses

Ideal for people who need to carry out basic electrical tasks, in addition to their normal job role.

✓ Do you understand the dangers of electricity?
✓ Do you know how to safely isolate electrical equipment?
✓ Do you know how to safely reset a motor that has tripped out?
✓ Do you need to develop basic electrical fault finding skills?

We can develop the basic skills of your people onsite in your normal working environment.

Our Courses

Our passion is to develop & deliver learner-centric basic skills training.

We connect with employers across many sectors. Our short-courses focus on developing essential knowledge & practical skills, ensuring that your people are competent to carry out basic tasks efficiently & most importantly, safely.

We provide a range of training courses, which include; basic electrical courses, health & safety courses, and hazardous area training modules.

Our courses are delivered onsite in your workplace by our professional qualified training associates. We cover North East England, Yorkshire & Scotland.

Your People

With people at the heart of everything we do, we pride ourselves on delivering training courses which are informative, practical and enjoyable. We aim to support on-the-job learning, engaging with your people in a relaxed informal setting.

We connect with your people. Together we collaborate to develop essential knowledge & practical skills. Your people contribute to the goals of your organisation.

Our learner-centric approach focuses on the natural way people learn. We know that 75% of learning happens on-the-job – that is why we deliver our training courses in your workplace.

Improved Safety & Productivity

Introducing people to new knowledge and skills in their normal working environment is one of the best ways to improve learning.

Course content must be relevant to a persons job role, targeted at the right people and delivered in a timely manner.

Course content is broken down into specific sections, which are delivered in bite sized chunks. We know from experience that this approach leads to increased retention.

Each course is designed to ensure your people develop essential knowledge & practical skills, to ensure they work efficiently & most importantly, safely.

Knowledge is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, or information that you learn by practical experience or study.

Practical skills are application of knowledge that allow you to complete work activity safely & efficiently.

Assessment is the process of ensuring that you can apply essential knowledge and demonstrate practical skills efficiently and safely.

On completion of the assessment process you may be deemed competent to complete work activity independently.